Reshef End to End Solutions

REES - Reshef End to End Solutions - provides design and development of integrated solutions, consisting software, engineering, robotics, mechanics and control. Starting from the design phase, through research and development, production, assembly, tests and verification, and ongoing service and support throughout the lifetime of the product.

In REES we understand that each client has unique needs and therefore tailor adapted solutions to each client, providing an end-to-end one-stop-shop solution.

REES holds expertise in various disciplines that comprise the complete product. State-of-the-art technologies are used and made accessible to the client in an attainable and simple manner. We enable the integration of automatic and smart machinery into any field: industry, agriculture, carpentry, welding, and more.

We believe in technological excellency, high serviceability and full professional reliability.

REES provides a complete, end-to-end, integrative product that is adapted to the unique needs of each client. First, we work in tight cooperation with the client to fully understand its needs. Afterwards, we turn to designing an architecture that optimally and efficiently imports and connects the different disciplines into the final product. Then, we move on to development, combining the different parts to a complete and harmonic product, while maintaining a strict quality control. We believe that a high quality product should also be comfortable and simple to use, therefore we put effort in building an elegant and intuitive user interface.

Concentrating knowledge and expertise in one place significantly cuts down the design, development and integration periods, which eventually reflects in product costs. We have the ability to adapt the solution to each problem, to make work methods more efficient and to shortly return the investment.

In REES we are attentive to our clients and their changing needs and work in cooperation both during R&D phase and after delivery. Your satisfaction is our success.